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possibility, productivity & performance

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Looking to be more productive?


Want to gain some performance skills?


Want to gain control of performance or social anxiety?


Need better balance in your life?


Want to put your mental health first?


Then let's start a conversation with a 15 minute free chat so you can understand how I can help you, based on my experience and knowledge.







let's start the conversation

one hour 1-2-1 coaching call £150ph

Want to improve your performance when you're lacking confidence?

Feeling stuck in life, performance or business?

Want to make your mental health a priority?

Want to create strategies that work for you?


Whether you're a musician, business owner or trying to balance your own life, we will take the aspect of life, performance or business you want to focus on and apply The Three Ps: possibility, productivity & performance to help you develop confidence, balance and #createmyhappy.


We will have conversations that will open you up to feeling more confident, prioritising your mental health and leave you with bespoke strategies and practical skills to give your best performance personally and professionally.



The Three Ps

from concept to completion

full day 1-2-1 coaching

£1750 per day

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