Group Coaching in The Pod

The Pod is the place for weekly guidance for you to become emotionally fitter and help you understand you mind and emotions.

By being emotionally fitter we help ourselves live with good mental health and develop the resilience and skills to manage tough times in our life without our menta health spiralling.



Learn to Recognise, Understand and Express your Thoughts and Behaviours…


Imagine having someone there to guide you each week, to simplify strategies, recommend helpful coping methods, to help you un-muddle your mind and help you become more resilient, hopeful and happy.

Imagine having someone to virtually ‘hold your hand’ through the tough times and boost you in the good times, working with you, for you and helping you move forwards when you’re ready.

Imagine having a coach, confidante, champion and cheerleader right there in your hand when you need it. That’s me, I’m that person and you’ll also tap in to my network of awesome expert friends.

Plus, you’ll be part of a community of other awesome people going through similar experiences to you and that community is at the heart and soul of our connection to ourselves and our emotional fitness.



Why Should I Join The Pod?


* You will get monthly access to support and guidance through your highs and lows from me and the community.

* I am an ‘Emotional Gladiatrix’ (that’s a female gladiator!) who will help you become emotionally fitter to also be a gladiator or gladiatrix. (Why a Gladiator? because a gladiator symbolises bravery, entertainment, courage, strength, capability, sacrifices, defeat and struggles. By becoming these things, you are preparing yourself for the good and bad times in your life; you’re becoming resilient and when you’re resilient you can manage anything.)

* You will build your resilience, your hope and your happiness.

* You will unleash your creativity.

* You will learn healthy strategies for living bravely and fearlessly with satisfaction and success.

* You will feel calm, in control and emotionally fit.

* You will see the possibilities in your life, get productive and perform to your highest standards, reaching those goals.

* You will become more confident.

* You will learn how to live with good mental health



Regardless of your goal, which may be:


* Reducing and managing stress, overwhelm & anxiety

* To get more focussed

* To help balance personal and professional life

* To learn to live with grief

* To feel happy and learn to create your own happiness

* To build your resilience

* To improve your mental health

* To sleep better

* To make better decisions with physical fitness, nutrition and relationships

* To become more confident

* To be more positive

* Helping support yourself, your children or other people



In The Pod, I am going to support you with all these things in a relaxed, fun and creative way so you can move forwards at your own pace without being overwhelmed or scared.


The Pod is…


About you and your whole health.

Mental health is not just about our ‘ill health’ it encompasses our whole health and in The Pod you will learn how by becoming emotionally fitter and having a better understanding of emotions, the mind, mental health, sleep, nutrition and physical health.



In The Pod we focus on all-round health and fitness and that starts with emotional fitness.

I will share my developing knowledge and expertise and feature guest speakers, activities and information just for you, to help you build resilience, hope and happiness.



What’s the Philosophy of The Pod?


The Pod is based on my philosophy of The Three Ps.

* Possibility

* Productivity

* Performance

Get it? Ps in a Pod?! Now you’re with me on my wavelength! (see, told you it was fun and creative!).

There’s also a huge bias to positivity. Because, you see my brand of positivity is not that everything will be OK, but that you will be OK regardless of anything that happens… and being OK happens when we are emotionally fit.



How Will it Work?


You will join The Pod on a monthly rolling subscription membership and each week in exclusively in The Pod there will be a mixture of videos that guide you through step-by-step actions to become emotionally fitter, Q&As, activities, challenges, mental health information and support, plus recipes and other creative wellbeing resources to help balance your mind, health and life. All of this can be carried into your everyday life the benefit of yourself, your friends, family, children and colleagues.

I know you’re busy and have lots of demands on you and that’s why I’m here to help you get emotionally fitter so you can make the best decisions for your overall health and wellbeing and, in The Pod, you get the benefit of me supporting you all the way, every week.



What’s the Investment?


The monthly membership fee for The Pod is £69 for three months and this will get you so much support and resources and you’ll have me on hand to support you in the way you need personally plus be a part of an amazing safe community. I’ll also be inviting expert friends in to chat about things to help you too.


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