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I am an Emotional Fitness Coach. A peformance or life coach if you like?


Whilst I work with many different types of people, my specialist areas are grief, anxiety and overwhelm and coaching for better mental health.


I'm not a medically trained therapist or counsellor and I don't look backwards into your life to deal with traumas and reconcile with your past as the would. I'm a coach because I am future focussed and work with you to help you move forwards, embracing all you have been through; to help you get emotionally fitter and build resilience, hope and happiness for an emotionally healthy life.


It's not enough to just be aware of our mental health. We have to take action to guard against mental ill health and lead emotionally fitter lives.


I offer 1-2-1 and group coaching options, plus workshops and retreats.


Based on my lived experiences and professional skills as a trained coach performer, educator, business owner and mental health advocate and trainer plus my own continued learning, I have developed my philosophy of The Three Ps and my mantra #createmyhappy in order to support others and my coaching has had proven benefits for the people I work with.


Do you feel:


•anxious, overwhelmed & stressed?

•‘down’ or ‘lost’?

•a lack of focus?

•you’re struggling to cope with your life and work situations?

•you could be happier?

•struggling to perform at your best level?


Are you:


•living with grief (and remember grief is from the loss of anything)?

•looking to balance home and work and everything else life throws at you?

•trying to push your career forwards whilst managing your emotional health?

•wanting to be emotionally fit?

•wanting to live life without the fear of mental ill health?


Do you want to:


•recognise, understand and express your emotions freely without judgement?

•feel hopeful about the possibilities that lie ahead?

•feel happy and learn how to create your own happiness?

•build resilience?

•be productive and perform with confidence in your personal and professional life?


Yes? Great, then I can help you.


All these words above described how I used to feel, what I was living with and who I wanted to be and through learning, connecting with myself and taking action I changed my life from a place of mental ill health and fear of judgement to become someone that is emotionally fit, open, honest, confident, resilient, hopeful and happy even when I live with and embrace grief and struggles every day.


… and that’s why I invest in helping you feel the same way. Because I know it’s possible and how great it is to feel hopeful and happy, even when the toughest things in life happen.


By working with me you will become more emotionally intelligent, connect with and understand yourself and your creativity so you can be emotionally fitter and perform better in your life and experience positive mental health.


Through my proven strategy of The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity and Performance, I will help you move forward with positivity for resilience, hope and happiness.


I will support you through your highs and lows. Consider me your coach, confidante, champion and cheerleader.


I am an ‘Emotional Gladiatrix’ (that’s a female gladiator!) who will help you become emotionally fitter to also be a gladiator or gladiatrix.


Why? because a gladiator symbolises bravery, entertainment, courage, strength, capability, sacrifices, defeat and struggles. By becoming these things, you are preparing yourself for the good and bad times in your life; you’re becoming resilient and when you’re resilient you can manage anything.


Working with me will build your resilience, your hope and your happiness and give you healthy strategies for living bravely and fearlessly with satisfaction and success.


Working with me will leave you feeling calm, in control and emotionally fit.


I work with you, for you. For your individual needs and goals. I help you move forwards with confidence and calm by listening non-judgementally, talking openly and honestly and helping you find your life coping strategies that work exclusively for you.


We all have the ability to move forwards and flourish and I help you embrace every part of you to do that with resilience, hope and happiness.


Want to be an emotional gladiator or gladiatrix?


Want to be emotionally fit?


Want to be calm, in control and confident?


Want to create your and experience your own happiness?


Then let’s start an amazing conversation that will change your life forever.




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